Questions and Answers

  • The registration fee is USD $15.
    Registration is open until February 15, 2021, 11:59 PM Israel time (GMT +2).

  • The challenges will be uploaded to each participant’s personal account on the website. After you submit your image(s) for one challenge, the next one will appear in your account.

  • Yes, you can go back and edit all the challenges as long as you haven’t finalized your entire submission.

  • No, once you finalize your submission for the entire marathon, you cannot go back and edit the challenges.

  • Yes, you must upload images for all six challenges.

  • Read the instructions for each challenge carefully. Five of the challenges will require you to upload one image while one challenge will require you to upload six.

  • You must submit all six challenges within 24 hours. It will not be possible to submit works after the marathon’s 24 hours are over.

  • -A challenging and fascinating photographic journey made up of six different photography challenges.

    -A 3 months free trial of Degorla AR.
    Degorla AR allows you to exhibit your artworks in any space using Augmented Reality technology.

    -The top six participants will receive prizes at a cumulative value of 20,000 NIS.

    -A printable, professionally-designed digital kit – “Order Amidst the Chaos”.

  • The top 20 participants will have their work exhibited in a travelling exhibition which will be featured in three photography festivals around the world throughout 2021.
    The top three winners will be awarded prizes intended to facilitate their professional development.

    The Awards:

    1st Place

    - 3 online courses courtesy of Magnum Photos with the Agency’s World-class Instructors.
    -A mentoring program by one of Canon’s Ambassadors including five one on one sessions.
    - A feature in Daylight digital magazine, a non-profit organization dedicated to publishing art and photography- Global Leaders of Innovation online course courtesy of The Peres Center for Peace and Innovation
    - A private Portfolio review session with Rocco Venezia curator for PHmuseum and co-founder of PHmuseum Lab, Bologna.

    2nd Place

    - 3 online courses courtesy of Magnum Photos with the Agency’s World-class Instructors.
    - A one-on-one session with Krzysztof Candrowicz, Curator and Researcher, Lodz Fotofestiwal, Ci.CLO Bienal Porto
    -A one-on-one session with Michael Itkoff Photographer, Photojournalist and Cofounder of Daylight, a nonprofit organization dedicated to publishing art.

    3rd Place

    - 3 online courses courtesy of Magnum Photos with the Agency’s World-class Instructors.
    - A one-on-one session with Angélica Dass, Brazilian photographer based in Madrid and the creator of the project Humanæ

  • The winners will be announced on April 6, 2021, on the marathon website and PHOTO IS:RAEL’s social media accounts. They will also be informed via email

  • No. You may only register once.

  • Yes. The panel of judges will receive the works without any identifying markers.

  • The panel of judges is looking for creative ideas, a unique point of view and a clear and coherent photographic language.

  • Your receipt will be sent to the email you provided on the registration form. Make sure to check your spam folder as well.

  • You may only upload JPGs that are up to 2MB in size.

  • No, you may not upload photos that were not created during the marathon.

  • The photographs must be submitted with minimal editing and without significant alterations.

  • Each camera has a date and time setting in its menu, which each participant must set according to their local time. The winning photos’ metadata will be checked and only those taken during the marathon’s duration will be eligible for participation in the exhibition or any of the awards.

  • Yes, you can even use your mobile phone.

  • Write us at photoismarathon@photoisrael.org
    and we’ll be happy to help!